Expats to Lose Capital Gains Tax Exemption

One of the changes as part of the governments housing affordability package announced in the 2018 budget was to limit the primary residence capital gains exemption to resident tax payers only. On the face of it this policy was aimed at reducing foreigner demand for housing but it has also inadvertently (or not) targeted Australian … Continue reading Expats to Lose Capital Gains Tax Exemption

MYEFO Budget Update 2017

The mid-year budget update has just been released by the Federal government and it is planning to hit past, present and future students where it hurts most; the hip pocket. Currently students with a HECS/HELP debt don’t start repaying their loan until their taxable income reaches $55,874. MYEFO proposes to change the threshold to $45,000. … Continue reading MYEFO Budget Update 2017